Monday, December 04, 2006

Plant Tours Begin at 10:00, Sir

This is a good one:

A 35-year-old Oak Creek man was cited on suspicion of trespassing after he was found walking around a welding shop carrying a box of pizza and a 40-ounce beer at Delphi, 7929 S. Howell Ave., on Nov. 25.

The offbeat tourist told employees he just wanted to see what the shop looked like before it was torn down.

The Delphi plant IS an extraordinarily interesting facility, since it was involved in the manufacture of guidance systems for NASA and as a result has all kinds of neat acoutrements not usually found in (say) a machine- or tool-and-die shop.

But just walking in to see what condition the shop is in...nah.

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James Quigley said...

It smells like poo in the inside. And don't try to drop something off at 2:15...not even a simple package...because shift change is at 2:30 and they stop working at 2:15.