Thursday, December 07, 2006

P-Mac's Excellent Questions

Well, OK, P-Mac didn't actually ask the questions.

But he DID do the research (poached here, happily) that indirectly POSES (some of) the questions which should be asked about the Iraq mess.

From N. Kazimi, an exiled Iraqi now blogging:

“There are tens of good ideas out there for winning this war that have not been implemented and have not been debated beyond wonky military journals. It's not the number of American or Iraqi boots on the ground that matters in winning this war but rather the number of microchips used to map out and combat the insurgency. Running patrols and shooting straight is only part of what is necessary in such a modern war. Americans and Iraqis must adapt their strategies to fit the battle before they can win the battle. This hasn't been done in earnest yet, and we need to ask ‘why?’ rather than scream ‘flee, flee, the sky is falling’ in panic.”

One excellent example: why doesn't the Iraqi Gummint (or any subsidiary thereof) have a license-plate registry? They don't know who belongs to the car(s) that serve as delivery vehicles for the bombs, for cryin' out loud...

Don't all those geniuses at Halliburton have this figured out?

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