Monday, December 04, 2006

Mike McCarthy: Still Have 2 Big Brass Ones?

There are more than a few who think that the Packers screwed up royally with the choice of McCarthy as The Man.

Said it before, say it again: he inherited a pretty lousy mess of pottage, beginning with a Zillion-Dollar know the list.

He has the best QB in the league for training the kiddie corps on the OL, and one of the 5 best rushing-backs for same purposes. He has a weak D Backfield and his best player out there hasn't quite played at 100%--I think it's his frustration.

He has the best "potential" linebacker corps since Nitschke & Co., (or Mike Ditka & Co., if you prefer.) Next year, nobody will fake these guys out. Nobody.

And McCarthy has grit. He's not flopping on the floor, crying. Some men would at this stage. I think he knows what he has to do, but he also knows what simply cannot be done--this year. You know--when it just cannot be done, you just don't try to do it. No point.

Check back at the end of the '08 season...

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