Friday, December 01, 2006

The "Crime's Up" Formula, Again

You know the drill. The usual "suspects" are trotted out, with one addition:

Experts suggest that possible factors behind the recent increase include easier access to guns, a slow economy, parole of prisoners and less federal money for social services and officers as resources go to homeland defense.

Esserman and other chiefs fault the U.S. Justice Department for forgetting crime as it focuses on terrorism.

What a crock. How about lousy parenting? An interest in the quick buck? Illegitimacy? The "life is cheap--really, really cheap" message of the Abortion Industry?

Before the weekend's out, Tommy Milk-Carton will be wailing that suburban taxpayers (he calls it 'the Federal Government') are not spending enough on the City of Milwaukee's problems.

This after his Common Council decided to featherbed the Fire Department in preference to more cops.


amazon said...

How about ... the "life is cheap--really, really cheap" message of the Abortion Industry?

Sorry, Dad, but lots of studies, both here and abroad, show that abortion now reduces crime later.

Who do you think the "lousy parents" are? Surely they include people who would have had illegitimate kids they can't afford if it weren't for abortion.

P.I. Mom said...

Ahhhhh, I see Amazon has read "Freakonomics". You remember that book, Dad, the one where the economist, Steven Levitt, slants easily accessible statistics to make them look as though abortion has helped this country (and others) to become more safe.

Hitler would have loved Roe v Wade

Hey - it's printed in a book - it MUST be true!

Keep following the light amazon...just keep walking toward the light...

Dad29 said...

Amazon, it's pointed out by PIMom that any moron can cut/paste any "studies" and come to conclusions which are insane.

The question is: how can someone intelligent enough to post blog-responses actually BELIEVE the insanity?

Hell--after "Fat Boy," there were less auto-thefts in Nagasaki. After 9/11, there were less elevator-service calls in the WTC.

Meaning that dropping a nuke will reduce auto-theft, and dropping buildings will reduce service-expenses.

Son of a bitch! Why didn't YOU think of that, Amazon?