Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zien's Excellent Idea

The State of Wisconsin buys a lot of land every year under its Stewardship program. Let's for the moment agree that such purchases are a wise use of State dollars. (Hey--this is only temporary...)

Dave Zien and Mr. Suder think that it's OK--so long as DNR doesn't screw outdoor-sports enthusiasts in the process:

Under “No Net Loss,” if the DNR wants to close land to sporting pursuits, such as hunting and trapping, the agency will be required to petition the appropriate standing committees of each house of the Legislature and show quantifiable evidence why the land should not be utilized by sportsmen and sportswomen. The provision will apply to all land currently held by the state as parks, wildlife areas, preserves, trails, and forests, as well as land previously purchased with state funds but now held by counties, trusts, or conservancies.

And there's more:

Suder pointed out, “The second bill in the No Net Loss bill will hold the DNR accountable for informing the public about these lands through adequate signage that details access points, boundaries and what activities are allowed on the land.” He noted, “Too often we have heard about shell games being played where there is publicly held land not adequately signed so people do not know what their rights are regarding the parcel.”

Makes sense to me!

HT: Right Off the Shore

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