Friday, October 06, 2006

Wiggy Goes Homophobe

Although it should not surprise anyone (his argumentation is irrefutable,) Wiggy votes "YES" on The Amendment:

But those [anecdotal] hardship cases are not [the anti-Amendment people's] motivation, and the democratic route is not one [they are] interested in pursuing. As he demonstrated repeatedly Monday night, Tate’s goal in defeating the marriage amendment is to preserve the option of imposing gay marriage through the courts

A minor quibble, by the way: Wiggy states that homosex "marriage" is legal in Massachusetts. It is NOT. The Mass. legislature has refused to make laws comporting with the MassSupremeCourt's wacko decision.

However, Mitt Romney, (who thinks he might get primary votes as the (R) nominee for President) DID instruct town clerks to issue licenses.

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