Friday, October 06, 2006

Tom Reynolds Makes A Good Point

The Liberal Collective/JS Editorial Board is still in a dead faint over this, which is why they haven't written a one of their prissy little "naughty, naughty Tom" editorials on it (yet):

GOP Sen. Tom Reynolds said lawmakers from Milwaukee’s north side are more concerned with preserving social service programs than taking meaningful steps to "re-establish the foundation of our society, which is the family."

Reynolds, meeting Dem challenger Jim Sullivan in a debate on Milwaukee’s southwest side, drew huffs of disbelief from the audience when he said "families have disintegrated. … On the north side of the city of Milwaukee, we find that families barely don’t even exist."

Obviously, the 'huffy' audience simply refuses to face reality.

Jessica (HT, by the way) gets it:

However, from covering crime for 5 years, I can tell you anecdotally that I rarely covered a high-profile violent crime in which the suspect came from an intact, functional family structure. This doesn't mean that kids in single-parent households are doomed. ...Is the family structure disintegrating only on the north side? Of course not. But it's a fair issue to discuss when focusing on violent crime.

And if one wishes to read the supporting literature, refer to Alan Carlson's work at the Rockford Institute from roughly 1965-1980.

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James Quigley said...

He must just be a bigot...yeah...that's it.