Monday, October 02, 2006

"State of Emergency"? Keep Your Guns

Another Good Thing, reported by Of Arms and the Law

NRA reports passage of HR 5013, the “Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act,” which prohibits gun confiscation during emergencies. I don't have the text of the bill yet, but here's a link to earlier versions of it.

If the bill as passed tracks the earlier language, then it makes another (the fifth?) time that Congress in a preamble to a bill finds the Second Amendment to be an individual right. It bars confiscation, and also registration (beyond that permitted by state law), by any federal officer, or anyone receiving federal funds or under control of a federal agency. Any person affected has a right to sue for damages, and recovery of legal fees is mandatory if they win.

Since Federal funds seep into every police agency in the State of Wisconsin, this effectively bars them from New Orleans-style gun-grabbing crap.

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Fidei Defensor said...

and the Enfield remains safe!