Saturday, October 14, 2006

Salvatorians Make a BIG Error

Something in this story smells REALLY fishy. Too bad.

Omar Oyangoren came to the United States from the Philippines to study for the religious life and serve his faith.

But it's been a long and bumpy road and now he faces deportation.

Father Joseph Lubrano, candidate director for the Society of the Divine Savior, commonly known as the Salvatorian[s]...shares his frustration and disappointment. He's also angry that in spite of good faith efforts to navigate the complicated immigration maze - and a misplaced reliance on a private immigration consultant - they have failed.

That's because of a major-league error.

Omar thinks he wants to be a priest and applies to the Diocese of Sacramento. They send him to the seminary in Oregon. He did not do well, and met a Salvatorian; they decide that perhaps Omar should be a brother, not a priest.

So he comes to Milwaukee to study.

Oyangoren came to Milwaukee and wanted to get his student visa status resolved. [Fr.] Lubrano [vocations director for the Salvatorians] said a priest friend referred them to Jan Sperry of Global Immigration, a Milwaukee consultant service. They went to see her in September.

"She told us that because his grandfather was a naturalized citizen, his citizenship could be transferred to Omar," Lubrano said. "She said all we needed to do was to get his grandfather's citizenship paperwork, send it in and it would be fine."

Frankly, Father, I don't believe your story. "Transfer" CITIZENSHIP? Are you smoking something? Even if Ms. Sperry actually said that, you should have the intellectual firepower to question that statement.

Meanwhile, U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement became aware that Oyangoren's student visa had lapsed and called him in on March 1, Lubrano said.

"They told him he was out of status. That was the first time he knew he was not a U.S. citizen and not here lawfully," she said.

Really. Really??

Well, onward: the end is near.

According to immigration procedures, Oyangoren will next be given voluntary departure, or be put into removal proceedings, Graham said.


tadhg seamus said...

I attanded a Salvatorian elementary school attached to a Salvatorian parish in the '50s. Believe me: "intellectual firepower" wasn't ANYwhere in that milieu. Matter of fact, I had a (Salvatorian) teacher for 7th grade who pronounced Navajo "Nava (rhymes with "have a")-Joe." The priests were even worse. An incredibly innefective, poorly-educated religious order.

tadhg seamus said...

ineffective. Sorry. See?? They didn't even teach me how to spell!!

Dad29 said...

IIRC, Francis Jordan HS was a Salvatorian outfit; and they have two or three parishes in Milwaukee--one on Bluemound Road in the 40's, one across the street from Pius XI HS, and then the infamous Mother of Good Counsel.

Who the Hell would EVER swallow the line that 'you can transfer citizenship'? That's like saying 'you can transfer your wife.'

What a bunch of turkeys.

tadhg seamus said...

Nope. Their parishes in the Milwaukee area are Mother of Good Counsel (Lisbon Ave), and St Pius X (76th and Wright) in Wauwatosa. Nothing on Bluemound Road in the 40s, and the parish you're thinking of across the street from Pius XI High is St Vincent Pallotti — what used to be St Anthony of Padua (now combined with Holy Cross, which IS on Bluemound Road, across from the cemetery, in the late 40s/early50s, street-wise). St Anthony of Padua was (Pallotti is?) a parish run by the Pallotlines.