Monday, October 02, 2006

Reason for The Amendment's Second Sentence

There's a great deal of foofoodust about the Second Sentence of the Wisconsin Amendment to ban Homosexual Marriage. Most of the cloud has been raised by opponents of the amendment; they're hoping that the confusion they perpetrate will overcome most people's utter disgust at the possibility of "Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Fred" ...

But the Second Sentence is there for a reason. For example:

...a Massachusetts judge ruled that a lesbian couple from Rhode Island could be legally married because Rhode Island doesn’t have a law explicitly banning same-sex marriage. So not only do Massachusetts judges overturn thousands of years of common law jurisprudence and understanding of marriage for this state, but now they’re doing it in other states

Gov. Mitt Romney had said that 1913 law on the books in Massachusetts forbade people from out of state from being married here if their marriage would be illegal in their home states, but since some states do not explicitly forbid gay marriage, it’s open season

This decision applies only to Massachusetts, of course, but with legal "minds" like this at work, why should we trust the Wisconsin Judiciary (Screechin'Shirley, In-Charge) to reinforce the Natural Law?

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