Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Liz Dole: Another RINO Idiot

Another Wisconsin blogger mentioned that the local Pubbies were unable to find a candidate to oppose Nobody's Senator.

SOME of that was related to the National Pubbie Senatorial bunch (Liz Dole, Idiot-in-Charge) deciding that Wisconsin wasn't worth any money.

After all, she had better places to put, say, $1.2MM:

A new Rasmussen ($) poll, released yesterday, shows Lincoln Chafee trailing Sheldon Whitehouse, 49-39. When leaners are added in, Whitehouse leads 51-42. This tracks pretty closely with the Gallup Poll conducted 9/27-10/1 which showed the race at 50-39 in favor of Whitehouse.

...So, all the NRSC money spent attacking a fellow Republican [Steve Laffey] was all for naught. What's worse, much of the polling at the time of the primary showed Chafee either dead even with Whitehouse or trailing. In order to overcome the natural partisan tilt in Rhode Island, Chafee needed to have a solid advantage of at least 8 or 9 points - he didn't, and that should have sent up the alarm bells. For some reason, it didn't with Elizabeth Dole, and now the coffers are (at least) $1.2 million lighter

Great work, Liz. Herb Kohl's sending a thank-you note.


steveegg said...

Lizzie's just doing it under orders from Bill "Cave Jr." Frist, who desperately wants to be Minority "Leader".

Peter said...

With Bill Frist leaving the Senate, we don't know who will be Minority Leader next session. Maybe Liddy Dole.

Don't forget what Frist just pulled: suggesting that we need to include the Taliban in a coalition government in Afghanistan.

steveegg said...

Forgot that Cave Jr is departing the Senate. Figures he'd want to go out as a true Boomer lieberal and ensure that nobody can equal him.