Thursday, October 05, 2006

Keep Your Teeth!

P&G's jingle COULD have been:

You'll Wonder Where Your Mem'ries Went
If You Don't Use Our Pepsodent!!

Dentists, psychologists and neurologists in Stockholm and Umeå in Sweden and Tromsø in northern Norway, are cooperating on the Betula Project...

A study of around 2,000 persons in Umeå revealed a clear tendency that those who kept a full set of teeth had better powers of memory than those who lost teeth.

Researchers in Japan achieved similar findings on tests with mice and monkeys, with mice learning to find food in labyrinths but forgetting this knowledge when their teeth were pulled

So...which teeth contain the memory of IRS audits? THOSE I can lose.

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montchan said...

Let me tell you, I live in Umea, and I'm not surprised. There's simply not that much to remember here.