Saturday, October 14, 2006

Kate Doesn't Get Law Enforcement (Surprise!!)

Kate Falk, who has never tried a criminal case in her life, wants to be Wisconsin's Attorney General.

But she demonstrates a mindset which is remarkably blase, if not downright naive. Denny Hastert has the same lacunae, but Denny is not trying to make himself into a Prosecutor.

When one of Kate's employees has a County-owned camera with 220+ pictures of the employee, at least some of them taken while the employee is naked, and some of those are of the employee's private parts, the Suspicion-O-Meter should hit the red zone.

Not Kate's. Nope.

SHE orders an internal "investigation" into what easily falls into a 'criminal' territory, and, when the conclusion of the investigation is that the employee's child took all those pix, AND the employee mysteriously quits, she agrees to force Dane County taxpayers to cough up 18 months' worth of County health insurance at a rate of $1,000./month or more.

We are NOT arguing with the conclusions the 'investigation' reached. We ARE arguing that an outside agency of the law-enforcement type should have been asked to do the work.

Kate argues that she is an 'experienced manager.'

Right. And that's about where her qualifications for AG end.

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