Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kate and the Nuts

Kate Falk, perennial Candidate for Whatever's Open, tells us that 'sex predators are bad.'

But perverts on HER Dane County payroll, using Dane County equipment, are "bad" only after a couple of months on the payroll:

Kathleen Falk's zoning administrator, Peter Conrad, will remain on Dane County's payroll until the end of October, despite the fact that photographs of male genitalia were found on a county camera he used

...According to the Wisconsin State Journal, since about August 28 when the investigation into began, Conrad has either been on vacation or "working at home"....

JB VanHollen has some questions:

Who discovered the image?
Whose genitalia were photographed?
...Why was the picture taken in the first place?
Was law enforcement notified?
What did Kathleen Falk know and when did she know it?

To which some might add:

Why is this jack STILL BEING PAID?

In fairness, it is possible that someone grabbed Conrad's county-owned camera and took the photos, leaving him...ah...holding the sack bag.

It is NOT true that Conrad said "Nuts!" after the pictures were discovered.

HT: Sykes

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