Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jeff Wagner and Johnny Depp

Apparently Johnny Depp's getting into the anti-Catholic thing. S'pose Wagner will have him as a guest?

The LA Times and others are reporting that Johnny Depp may be starring in an upcoming film based on Rex Mundi, a comic book miniseries where a conspiracy driven Catholic Church would impose it’s doctrine on the world and exterminate those it saw as a threat. A brief synopsis of the story line is:

Feudalism and colonialism are the only modes of political power in the world of Rex Mundi … Agents of the Inquisition assassinated Martin Luther in 1520, before the Reformation could gain enough momentum to loosen the Roman Church’s grip on political power. A sizeable percentage of lower echelon clergymen are secretly Lutheran sympathizers, although the vast majority of Europe believes Luther died for his sins against Christ. Consequently the Protestant Reformation never occurred, and the Catholic Church is still a major political force throughout Europe, America and the colonies in Africa and Asia.

In Rex Mundi, “crime” and “sin” are largely interchangeable terms. It is through this lack of distinction that the Roman Church maintains its power over the nations of Europe. The Church employs a permanent Inquisition, which serves two purposes. First, it is a spiritual police force, dedicated to exterminating heretics, witches, devil worshippers, Jews, Muslims… all those perceived to oppose the Church. Secondly, the Inquisition acts as a secular law enforcement agency with essentially the same powers as the FBI in present-day United States.

Unnnh hunnnhhhh.

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Amy said...

Meanwhile, Islamic facists work to impose their doctrine on the world and exterminate those they see as a threat.

But we must worry about a fictional story about Catholics.

Glad Hollywood's got it's priorities straight. At least it won't take much fabric to make burquas for the actresses.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

And this surprises you about the Hollywood and Johnny Depp how?

Dad29 said...

Just his newfound intellectual comraderie with Jeff Wagner, Anti-Catholic Ranter.