Friday, October 13, 2006

Crisis? Nope. Utter Stupidity

Milwaukee's murder situation, now 88 and counting for 2006, has been abetted by pure, unadulterated stupidity and benign neglect--by none other than Darth Doyle when he was Attorney-General and Governor.

Not to mention Nan Hegarty, her moronic predecessor, (Arthur "Sue You!!" Jones) and John Norquist. "Milk-Carton" can't really be blamed here--for two reasons. He wasn't in office all that long, and he DID order a study of the problem.

Now the study's results are in, and were highlighted (lowlighted?) by Jessica:

The Homicide Review Commission has found that:

-of the 2,500 of the 3,693 suspects arrested in July, 500 - 20% - were on probation or parole.
In other words, they were being supervised by the state.

-one of every 5 homicide suspects and victims is on "paper."

-two of the three suspects in this week's triple murder were on state supervision, not to mention the suspects in the murders of that Special Olympian and Good Samaritan.

Another conclusion not mentioned by Jess was that most murders occur near taverns late in the night. The MPD has actually assigned extra patrols near taverns as a result of the study.

Pardon me for asking, but what the Hell was the Police Department DOING before this? "Systems theory," which was the obvious predicate of this report, has been around for, oh, 50+ years. Nobody thought about using a pin-location chart? A time-line chart? Combining the two?

Do you mean to tell us that nobody in the cop-shop, DA's office, AG's office, or Corrections' Parole office figured out that murders occur near taverns late at night until NOW? Or that the best suspects were parolees convicted of other violent crimes?

Seems to me that Milwaukee's taxpayers have been taken for a long, long ride by their Police Department--not to mention Darth Doyle and his Department of Corrections. ALL these entities suck up huge percentages of tax dollars. None have delivered results.

And Jessica wrote a lenghty article on "the 20% problem" in 1999.

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