Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Coincidence? Or Not Coincidence?

You be the judge, you cynical pack of wolves...knowing what you already know about the lapdog Press and its, ah, inclinations...

Here's an excerpt from Jos. Bottum's 14-page essay (current First Things) on "American" Catholicism.

...I was in Washington when the sex-abuse stories broke, involved in the political part of the fight against cloning, and it was like watching a building collapse. On December 1, 2001, Catholics were at the front of the fight: lobbying, testifying to Congress, mobilizing voters, setting the terms of the debate. Two months later, by February 1, 2002, Catholics had essentially disappeared. In the middle of the campaign to force an anti-cloning bill to come to the Senate floor, one bishop told me he didn’t dare lobby his senators, for fear they would answer, “Who the hell are you to lecture me on a moral issue?” and rupture their relations forever.Twenty-five years of the prestige built up by John Paul II and Mother Teresa drained away in an instant.

First off, this was quite a while after Marie Rohde of the Milwaukee JS broke a number of local stories...

But wasn't The Big Story broken in Massachusetts? Who's the Senator from Planned Parenthood (who shouldn't drive near the water....)??

HT: The Cafeteria Is Closed

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