Wednesday, October 04, 2006

China Is Our "Friend" Part 5672

If only PRChina's criminal-oligarchy-dictator families would act like it:

Chinese secret agents have made repeated attempts to poach an Australian scientist behind the invention of a high-speed gun that could revolutionise warfare.

The gun with its electronic firing mechanism, called Metal Storm, was invented by Mike O'Dwyer, who is based in Brisbane.

He claimed this week that Chinese government agents offered him more than $100 million to move to China and work on the gun.

Mr O'Dwyer kept details of all the approaches, made over the past decade and passed the information to the Australian government, which has invested around £4 million into the project.

Last year the Chinese made another attempt. An Australian-Chinese businessman, Jun Yang, said an agent told him: "The Chinese Liberation Army wants to buy Metal Storm. It's very advanced technology. When you return to Australia we want you to purchase it for us."

The idiots. In a few years, some PRC company will be the prime subcontractor for manufacturing the damn thing. They could have the plans for almost nothing...

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