Thursday, October 12, 2006

Car Season Starts

Since DNR has yet to figure out how to reduce the deer population in the Greater Milwaukee area (but they CAN reduce the population of manufacturing plants in, say, Eau Claire), your car is now in an Endangered Species Zone.

Yup. Mad Deer. Evenings. Sudden motion into the roadway.

BANGO!! $2500.00 American to the bodyshop.

Saw two this morning, on North Avenue. One at 100th Street, across from the Lutheran church; the second at about 186th, two blocks east of Brookfield Road.

They're hard to see in the dusk and night-time hours, no matter how bright your lights are. The technique I use (to some good effect) is to watch for their eyes, which DO reflect light. And keep your foot near the brake whenever you're near a wooded area...


Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I just run them down. 1500lbs of German steel vs. 400lbs of venison. I have to believe the German steel wins.

Dad29 said...

1500 lbs of German steel will look really funny after the front quarter-panel goes through your windshield.

Karen Marie said...

One of my sisters keeps a sharp hunting knife in her trunk for just such occasions. Twice already, when the car ahead of her hit a deer and kept on going, she pulled over, field-dressed it, hauled it to the sheriff's office for registration (legal in her state), and put it in the freezer mext to her hubby's more conventionally-hunted venison. Meat is meat.