Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"But, but, but--We Banned the Guns!!"

Sure, merrie olde England banned guns. Fat lot of good it did them, too:

Police chiefs have admitted they "lack the co-ordination and intelligence" to deal with Britain's gun crisis, sparking fears that thousands of crimes are going unsolved.

Senior firearms officers have told The Sunday Telegraph that, due to time and cost pressures, forces currently analyse fewer than half of all guns recovered, to see if they have been used in previous crimes, or keep a forensic record of them for future investigations.

They also say that they "do not know" how many guns are entering the country, intelligence is "piecemeal" and some rural police forces are forced to "guess" at the true nature of gun crime in their areas.

And British citizens pay the price:

...were 13 serious shootings in the past month alone, including two 17-year-olds shot in a packed McDonald's restaurant in Brixton, south London. Nathan Williams, also 17, was gunned down in Nottingham, where three years ago the murder of Marian Bates in her family's jewellery store brought the rise in gun crime to national prominence.

Yesterday, it emerged that police investigating the shooting of 15-year-old Jesse James, who was gunned down in the Moss Side area of Manchester last month,...

No 2A, then mayhem.

HT: Of Arms and the Law

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Amy said...

Further proof that criminals (noun: one who has committed a crime; one who has no respect for the law) will NOT adhere to gun bans.

They will just have free range to commit crimes against innocent, unarmed civilians whom the cops cannot protect.

Give citizens the ability to carry arms, and the crime rate will go down.