Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bp. Wilton Gregory vs. Seminarians

Excerpted from a longer (and delightful, as usual) essay in CWN:

...No one was ever tossed out on the explicit ground that he supported Church teachings which his formators detested. More often his fidelity was depicted as an authority problem: "Candidate displays a know-it-all attitude toward formation and a rigidity toward theologies and styles of worship different from his own. Not suitable for ministry." Seminary staff got their hunting license from bishops like Wilton Gregory, addressing the National Association of Diocesan Vocation Directors, who phrased it in code they could understand: "it is important not to give potential students the impression that they are those who must decide matters of orthodoxy, liturgical propriety and spiritual merit." Doubtless many formators got the hint; doubtless many seminarians got the push.

Nicely worded, Your Excellency. Of COURSE 'seminarians' are not to 'decide' on such matters. On the other hand, if the seminarians in question are able to cite legitimate and binding documents of the Church on such matters...then what, Excellency?

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