Tuesday, July 11, 2006

UW: Wear Your Tinfoil Hat Here, With Pride!

The UW-Madison folks will not bend to Fascist, McCarthy-ite, Hitlerian pressures exercised by Neanderthal hicks such as BagManJim Doyle (D), Steve Nass (R), or Charlie Sykes.


...after conducting a 10-day review of Barrett's past teaching and his plans for a fall class on Islam, Provost Patrick Farrell determined that Barrett was fit to teach and that the alternative theory on 9-11 had a place in the classroom when taught along with other viewpoints.

Farrell said academic freedom demanded the decision and that it would have been a mistake for the university to succumb to outside pressure.

For his part, [Kevin] Barrett said he was "very pleased" by the decision. He said students in his fall course, "Islam: Religion and Culture," would spend one week studying a variety of viewpoints on the 9-11 attacks, including the theory that "9-11 was probably an American operation to launch a war on Islam countries."

Board of Regents President ["Clueless Dave"] David Walsh, who has defended Barrett, agreed. He complimented Farrell for "balancing the issues regarding academic freedom with the assurance that there will be open dialogue" in the classroom.

Barrett's "theories" were analyzed by The Warrior--and it is clear that Tinfoil Barrett's position is factually-challenged, to say the least.

The UW is attempting to attract more out-of-state students. Evidently David Walsh and his subordinates think that this is accomplished by retaining faculty which is out of its mind. Think about that as you examine your State income-tax payment column next April.

..and The Badger is REALLY unhappy. His pique will be costly to UW, as he is a major supporter. Of course, they'll make it up in tax dollars if they feel like it...

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Kevin Barrett is only scratching half of the truth.
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