Monday, July 03, 2006

Lee Dreyfus, Please STFU

Dear Lee,

I'll admit it up front--I voted for you. There.

THEN I saw you attempt to assasinate PJBuchanan's character at the Marriot/Brookfield Square, and I noted that you didn't get a lot of applause on those lines. Fortunately by that time you'd left public office and were simply a gadfly.

Recently, however, you've gone Jimmuh Cartuh:

Patrick Lucey, Martin Schreiber, Lee Sherman Dreyfus and Tony Earl banded together to reject calls for the amendment, which would prevent heterosexual civil unions as well as homosexual unions.

The former governors' statement issued Wednesday urges voters to reject the measure on grounds that it would be the first time the constitution would be amended "to limit freedom" instead of expand it.

Really, Lee? "Limit freedoms?" What freedom does The Amendment limit? Oh--I remember--but I can't describe it in this forum.

Lee: STFU. Thanks!



allendrury said...

You are becomng an island.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if gay people want to get "married"? How does it harm your marriage? The bride and I (30+ years and counting) won't be harmed in the least.

Dad29 said...

Anony--it's disappointing that you express a viewpoint which is purely selfish after 30 years of marriage.

It's NOT "all about YOU", Anony, or "all about ME."

It's about rightly-ordered society and governance.

But hey--you can be as tunnel-visioned as you want. It's a free country; even Libertarians get to speak up.