Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kevin Barrett Teaches "Muslim Culture" Alright

Some of you thought that Kevin Barrett, UW's Nutty Professor, was just a bit--ah--'touched' in the head.

But NO!! He's telling you exactly what the Muslims think in England, too,--just like his "Intro to Mahomet" course title would indicate:

Here was a man who had shown great courtesy and kindness, yet believed the West was so corrupt it had staged terrorist attacks against itself. How could he be so deluded? Jabbar, however, was far from alone. One of the sternest advocates of conspiracy theory was Imran Bham, a shopkeeper running Idoo PC, a computer equipment shop.

“You don’t get anywhere with the dirty kuffar (infidels),” he told me, claiming there was a widespread conspiracy against Muslims and that the 7/7 bombings were part of it. “These brothers never did it,” he said. “And understand this. In order for America and Britain to go to Iraq they have to have reasons and sometimes, I’m afraid, if you haven’t got a reason, you make up that reason.”

He showed me pictures of the bomb blasts from the BBC on his computer, claiming ID documents must have been placed at the scene by officials because the blasts would have destroyed them.

The only difference is that 7/7 occurred in London.

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Kate said...

So, if it wasn't Muslims who carried out the 7/7 attacks, where did those guys go? The logic (?) of this guy is totally baffling.