Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hillary and Bill's Pay-for-Play, Part 3,568

Captain's Quarters summarizes it nicely:

Yesterday, I wrote about the obvious quid pro quo between Bill Clinton's presidential pardon of Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory and the loans given to Hillary Clinton's brother, Anthony Rodham, starting two months later

United Shows [the Gregorys' firm] started issuing a series of loans to Rodham that eventually totalled $107,000, loans for which they never demanded payment and which Rodham never paid on his own. It was not until United Shows went into receivership that the loans came to light

...Rodham was not the only recipient of the Gregorys' largesse. In fact, a search at Open Secrets shows that the Gregorys had sent $10,000 to Hillary's Senate campaign, about half of which came before the pardon

At least with the Clintons, pay-to-play schemes don't hit the press within 60 days. BagManJim's campaign people ought to emulate the X42/Hildebeeste playbook.

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