Monday, July 10, 2006

Half-Wet, Half-Dry

How were your friends and relative affected by last night's storm in Milwaukee?

Kinda depends on where they live in relation to I-94. If south of the interstate, they got a LOT of rain in 2-3 hours. If north, they got almost nothing.

The MMSD keeps track of such things, and you can see the contrast:


Amy said...

My in-laws live in West Allis. On the ride home from their house, we stopped by McCarty Park and the creek was well over its banks and rushing with great force against the cement wall by which we stood.

Then, on Wisconsin Avenue, shortly before Glenview, Honey Creek overflowed its banks and flooded the road.

Thank God and St. Christopher that we were able to get through the waters safely. I've never been so scared in my life, but had no place to turn around and go another route.

But by our home, north of Center Street, it was okay. No street flooding, just wind and rain.

Dad29 said...

Well, Amy, we're at 220th street and can throw a rock south and hit I-94.

We got in excess of 2" rain in about 2 hours; power outage for over 4 hours; (and four 'blips' in power with poorly-conditioned voltage/cycles between BEFORE the power finally died); a little small hail, some gusty winds to about 40 MPH, and about 45 minutes of continuous thunder between 7:15-8:00 PM.

CONTINUOUS thunder. No breaks at all.

Anonymous said...

I showed up at work this morning to find no power for 3 hours :) 550 people sitting around with only a few on UPS. UGH!

Karen Marie said...

Two hours of utter deluge, with a little pea-sized hail (so I don't have to water the potted plants for a few days) at Chavez y National in the barely south side. Washed out the storm drain nicely!