Sunday, July 09, 2006

Even KOS Can't Buy Coulter as "Plagiarist"

Contra The American "Mind," who has had it in for Anne Coulter ever since she turned Sean down for a date back at the CPAC conference, even Daily Kos will not buy the story that Anne is a plagiarist:

To me personally, some of the examples/accusations seem strained -- simply similar statements of the same basic facts. And sometimes there are only so many ways to describe one set of facts. In other cases the similarities of the wording strike me as hard to see as a coincidence. Especially when there seem to be multiple instances of similarities in the same column coming from the same source.

Sean's been peddling this "plagiarism" stuff for a while. We note that he won't even run a picture of Anne as a "Summerfest Babe of the Day."

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