Monday, July 03, 2006

Chickens*&t and the Weekend

Sometimes you just feel sorry for the cops.

Our NaggingNanny, the Legislature, (not to mention the NaggingNannies in Congress) passes a lot of laws about driving in Wisconsin. Most of them are sensible; many are not. Congress takes its whacks at the pinata, too--forcing States to get silly in order to get money. (That's a no-brainer for the State nannies.)

So as you cruise down the Interstates this weekend, be prepared. The Mounties and the Locals are under orders: FIND a violation so you can write up a seat-belt violation. FIND ONE.

5 over will do; an inoperative lightbulb will do; whatever!! Find one, and write that seat-belt ticket.

Drivers who recognize the NaggingNanny's dead hand permanently placed on the "Rules Are Rules" square and who then demonstrate unhappiness will be subject to lectures from equally frustrated traffic cops who have little use for Rules are Rules; but the NaggingNannies can't let up.

Caution is suggested.


jp said...

Illegals are illegals.

Dad29 said...

Cute, but not quite a score.

The only illegals which MUST be deported (IMHO) are those which have criminal backgrounds OR who have committed crimes or serious misdemeanors in the US.

Others MAY be deported pursuant to a 'legalization' campaign--but I'm not pushing 'deportation first.'

5-over on the Interstate is not exactly "criminal," nor is it a misdemeanor.

It's chickenshit.

skggnjsb said...

How about 6-over or10.5-over?
What is your chicken shit expertise limit?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Prudence is appropriate.

Dad29 said...

Hell, skgg-whatever, I've been driving longer than most cops have been ALIVE.

I like a comfy 9 over. Roads are built for it (or more.)

If I were a cop, I'd be arresting young & stupid types for tailgating, though. It's their favorite pastime.