Monday, January 01, 2018

In Madison, This Guy Is a Hard-Righty

Blaska has something of a sense of humor and is considered to be a "righty" in Madison.

But of course, that's Madison, where Joseph Stalin is thought of as a "centrist".

So Blaska writes a post yapping about how "character matters", which justifies his NeverTrumpism (which is soooooooooo 2017).

And in his soliloquy to "character matters", he holds John Kennedy as one of the 'good' guys.  Well, I suppose.  John was better than Ted, after all.  Sorta.

OK, Dave.  Carry on.

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GOR said...

The Madistanian would profit from a reading of Victor Davis Hanson’s “The Bigmouth Tradition of American Leadership” showing why “the loud, often reckless and profane pile drivers…” often reflect a better view of reality than the “…reticent and sober…”

Think Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt versus Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter; or Sherman versus Grant, Patton versus Bradley, etc.

And JFK as a paragon of virtue and character…? Give me a break! The whole Kennedy clan demonstrated opportunism and hypocrisy, manipulating the media to preserve the veneer of virtue.