Monday, January 01, 2018

Detroit: "Safety? What Safety???"

The new headlights are stylish--which Detroit loves.  They're not safe, particularly for onconoming traffic, but they are stylish.

The auto industry's headlights shine better, brighter, farther and more ornately than ever.
But that doesn't necessarily mean they're good, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety....

...The criticism comes at an interesting time for the auto industry. Recent car shows reveal that automakers and suppliers are enjoying a golden era of vehicle lighting. Headlamps have become works of art. Thanks to a switch from halogen to brighter LEDs, as well as new capabilities in manufacturing, designers have the freedom to infuse greater detail into their fixtures, incorporating outlines that flow into quarter panels and hood lines....

Ooooohhhh!!  STYLISH!!!!

....But the insurance institute isn't happy. It says headlights often come off the factory line poorly aimed, which can cause glare and renders the move to brighter LEDs null....Almost half of the nation's fatal traffic accidents occur at night, he said, even though less than half of all driving occurs at night.....

So you're dead.  That's not a concern.  The lights are STYLISH!!!

There's an exception;  KIA.  All the rest--well, whatever could trump stylish??

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