Sunday, March 19, 2017

Robin Vos, the College Landlord??

A young friend of mine is renting a place in Whitewater, just like thousands of other college students.  It's typical "student rental" housing--a bit ratty, drafty, with decidedly mid-1940's paint, carpeting, and decor--but hey!  Student housing!!

Well, actually, more than a bit--and it's "mouse-y", not ratty.  The chilluns who have rented the place have noticed mouse-droppings all over the joint, especially in the kitchen.

After about 2-3 weeks of unanswered phone messages and emails to the landlord's office, an exterminator finally appeared.  (By this time, the chilluns had spent quite a few bucks on their own traps, poisons, etc.)

My young friend asked for advice on handling this situation and shared the address of the landlord.

Turns out it's the address of Robin Vos' popcorn company.

Perhaps Speaker Vos' business address is being used by someone who actually owns the building?

If not, Mr. Vos should be setting an example of Excellence-In-Landlording, don'cha think??

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Whitewater College Rentals said...

Whitewater College Rentals prides itself on being responsive to its tenants. I’ve had several contacts with these tenants as issues arose over the term of the lease. Some of the contacts are for minor issues such as a bathroom fan light bulb needing to be replaced or a more serious as a water heater not working (fixed within hours of the contact). Like any landlord, we ask tenants to solve simple problems. A single mouse is fairly common during changing seasons in rental properties so we suggested traps, which for homeowners is often the first step to addressing this issue. When it didn’t solve the problem, we paid for an exterminator at the request of the tenants. This remedy was done not in weeks but within days. However, one of the challenges last week was the snowstorm and the winter conditions. We will continue to monitor the situation and look forward to continuing to help our tenants in a timely manner.