Friday, May 27, 2016

Josh Hammer Is Dead-Wrong

By and large, one agrees with Josh Hammer's opinion-piece on Conservative problems with The Donald. 

But one sector of the essay is dead-wrong.

Stop Complaining About H-1B Visas...To put it simply, H-1B recipients are the most meritorious of all foreign workers.  They are disproportionately more skillful, more highly educated, more assimilated and/or more likely to easily assimilate, and unambiguously help the economy more than any other class of immigrants....

This is unambiguous poppycock.  Norm Matloff, who is no Conservative, has written extensively about the H-1B problem, and has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt--statistically--that the H-1B visa is used largely to import cheap labor.  H-1B's are NOT 'more skillful, and more highly educated'.  They are (mostly) ordinary programmers whose educational credentials are (mostly) from sub-par to mid-road colleges.

But they are very cheap to keep; they are the white-collar version of the common illegal laborer.

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