Thursday, June 25, 2015

RoJo Votes With Obama

As expected, Ron Johnson (who has completely abandoned his "fight" against ObozoCare) voted to give Obozo fast-track authority on treaties for the duration of Obozo's term.

This includes a "free trade" treaty--which RoJo has not read--for the Pacific area and some sort of "services" treaty with Europe.  And whatever else Obozo can dream up in the next 24 months, by the way.

Reasonable men can disagree about the value of "free trade" to US citizens.  I happen to think that it is NOT a blessing; RoJo does.

But it is impossible for any Conservative to give Obozo a free hand in negotiating treaties.  Obozo's track record of pure spite and hatred for the Declaration, the Constitution, nature and nature's God, and right order in general should have been a clarion call for opposition to anything he does.

RoJo, you're a failure.  Go back to your father-in-law's business.

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