Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wisconsinites "Split" on ObamaCare? Maybe

Interesting poll here.

Sen. Feingold (D-Flip You Off) commented that his 'listening session' crowds seemed 'evenly split' on ObamaCare.

And he's right, according to the poll.

But there's another indicator within that poll which should give Feinie pause. (Not to worry, he won't pause.)

Go to Page Seven (PDF pagination). Here's the question:

How responsible should the federal government be in making sure that all residents of Wisconsin have access to both high quality and affordable health care?

Then look at the "extremely" row. That shows a marked deterioration from April & October '08 to the November '09 poll date.

The converse group, "not at all", doubled in the same timeframe, from 7% to 14%.

I'm no poll-reader and I wasn't in a Holiday Inn last night. But it seems to me that the more one knows of the ObamaCare legislation, the less one wants the Feds to be involved.

Feinie (Condescending) will still vote for it. He knows better than you, because He Is THERE!!

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