Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Who Needs Nukes? We Have the Criminal-Justice System!

Obama intends to reduce the US' nuke-defense capacity. Actually, he wants to eliminate US nukes and sic "Ferocious Eric" Holder on Gummints which use nukes against us.

After they're advised of their Miranda rights and have an ACLU attorney present.

President Obama's ambitious plan to begin phasing out nuclear weapons has run up against powerful resistance from officials in the Pentagon and other U.S. agencies, posing a threat to one of his most important foreign policy initiatives.

"Phasing OUT??" My, my.

Obama laid out his vision of a nuclear-free world in a speech in Prague, Czech Republic, last April, pledging that the U.S. would take dramatic steps to lead the way.

Well, they didn't need nukes in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Or Sesame Street, either.

Yup. Phasing OUT.

...Obama has vowed to move toward abolishing American nuclear weapons, but has acknowledged that the process may not be completed in his lifetime.

A core issue under debate, officials said, is whether the United States should shed its long-standing ambiguity about whether it would use nuclear weapons in certain circumstances, in hopes that greater specificity would give foreign governments more confidence to make their own decisions on nuclear arms

....Pentagon officials question the value of such public declarations, contending that foreign governments may not even believe them, said the U.S. officials and others.

Nothing's better for national defense than laying out your game plan in advance!

Another issue being debated is how to scale back the U.S. stockpile while continuing to provide nuclear protection to allies, in part to keep them from developing their own nuclear arsenals. The U.S. maintains hundreds of nuclear weapons overseas for such purposes

Well, that's easier these days. Obama has done an excellent job of insulting all our allies. They'll build their own, having doped the wind.

Obama hasn't yet created the "no-fly" list, of course. But he'll get around to it.


Braxton Hicks said...

Good stuff! Glad I found you.

Deekaman said...

You will note that he outlined it at a speech in Prague, not during a prime-time speech to the people of the US.

When this becomes clear to everyone, 90% of the population will be on the doorstep of the White House with torches and pitchforks.