Friday, January 15, 2010

The Union Members' "Sacrifice"

Perspective counts. Think of the starving AFSCME, Teamsters, and Steelworkers. After all, they sacrificed wages in favor of Rolls-Royce health packages.

As of 2007, the average union worker made about $629 per week, compared to $404 for non-union workers, putting union wages about $5 per hour higher on average. Of course, these figures vary widely in specific industries. In lower-level service industries, union workers earn roughly the same amount as their non-union counterparts. This means that, among the lowest-paid union members, the “sacrifice” they made for their sacred health care benefits amounted to accepting the same wage as non-union workers. That’s without counting the panoply of fringe benefits available to union members, which can be extremely valuable.


Those "sacrifices" are nothing compared to what's being dished to the remaining 87.5% of the population when ObamaCare exempts unions from taxes on their plans.

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