Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tom Brokaw Lives!

Tom Brokaw is, apparently, writing "news" for the Boston Glob. (That's NOT a typo.)

Brown, an obscure state senator with an unremarkable record when he entered the race four months ago, was a household name across the country by the end of the abbreviated campaign. Running a vigorous, smart, and error-free campaign, he became a vessel into which cranky and worried voters poured their frustrations and fears, ending the Democrats’ grip on a Senate seat the party has held for 58 years, nearly all by two brothers named Kennedy.

That's the narrative, folks.

HT: Jacobsen

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Billiam said...

Krauthammer made that point on FOX tonight. Interesting, how when a republican wins, it's angry voters. When Democrats win, it's hopey/changegy/fluffy. Broken-jaw is the same hack he always was. Or, to quote Denny Green, "He is who we thought he was!"