Monday, January 11, 2010

Remove the Bas-Relief!!

If you want hits to a blog, mention Abp. Weakland.

Last time I did that, I suggested that the new Archbishop here does not have to publicly flog, or admonish, or otherwise humiliate Rembert Weakland, who actually did a good job of humiliating himself--albeit unwillingly--in admitting to some of his pecadillos.

Not ALL of them, of course; the "hide-and-seek" of homosexual predator-priests and Weakland's arrogant, condescending, spiteful, and vicious attacks on parents and other concerned adults were not in Weakland's posted confessions.


Now it seems that some bunch of sycophant LeftyWonzos commissioned a bronze bas-relief of Weakland which implies that he, like Our Lady, is a "protector of children." (It's likely that Fr. Last appointed that bunch, by the way; and Last shows up on a lot of 'suspect' lists, doesn't he?)

Forgive and try to forget, yes.

Memorialize him as a "protector of children"?

NO. A Thousand Times, NO. Less dignified: HELL, NO!!

Take down the patently offensive artwork (and that horrible 'crucifix' that Weakland commissioned for OUR Cathedral.) Put Rembert's likenesses in the basement of the complex.

Fitting for him that he'll be 'memorialized' in a Lower Level.


Amy said...


Weakland is an embarrassment. But I find it heartily ironic that the same people who criticize him fail to recognize Weakland's personal and political leanings had (and have) a lot to do with the problems he caused and continues to cause, as well as the abuse perpetrated by him and other priests.

Anonymous said...

So being "liberal" and "gay" are the primary factors for the problems he causes and continues to cause???


I'll say a prayer for your soul!

Neo-Con Tastic said...

I agree with all of your sentiments, D29.

Where can we go to have that 'crucifix' from the Cathedral? When I saw it during Listecki's installation, I was baffled.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Oops, insert "removed."

Where can we go to have that 'crucifix' from the Cathedral [removed]?

Dad29 said...

Umnhhh....NeoCon, you do not know as a FACT that R. was involved w/the activity you specified.

Yes, covering homosexual predators.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

I thought he admitted to it. My mistake.

Amy said...

So being "liberal" and "gay" are the primary factors for the problems he causes and continues to cause???

Yes. Because there are A LOT of people who are Catholic who didn't get involved with such horrific behavior.

Weakland also has an ego the size of Texas, which doesn't help.

The connecting link between the abusive priests and their protectors was their tendency toward liberal theology and support of sexual behaviors not accepted by Church teaching.

I know that's politically incorrect, but...

Dan said...

Why put it in the basement? Just melt it down and see what you can get for the metal at the local recycling plant.

GOR said...

In the earlier post there was the implication that those of us who have no time for Weakland were out to cause him further pain or humiliation. Not so. I want him out of here because his continued public presence causes pain to a lot of people in this Archdiocese – a reminder of a past we’d rather forget. The same goes for Sklba – albeit to a somewhat lesser extent.

‘Memorializing’ Weakland at the Cathedral is just one more insult to the people of Milwaukee. The wreck he made of the Cathedral is already too much of a reminder of what we went through for so long with him. It’s a memory few of us want to retain. Bad enough that we have to put up with his ‘legacy’ in so many of the clergy who still follow his dissenting example.

Dad29 said...

Don't mis-read my earlier comments.

We are in agreement that:

1) Weakland and Sklba should leave the area--or, at minimum, be 'confined to quarters'/no public appearances.

2) On the other hand, they should NOT be publicly humiliated.

Both can be accomplished simultaneously.

And the "memorials" should disappear.

GOR said...

Er Dad, I should have said "in the comments to the earlier post..." not the post itself.

Yes, we are in agreement on a LOT of things!