Saturday, January 16, 2010

Obama's Anti-Religion Administration

One thing must be said about Obama. He certainly can find and appoint social outliers.

President Obama's faith council came to no clear conclusion after an impassioned debate on whether religious organizations receiving federal funds should be required to cover or remove religious symbols in service areas, reported Washington Post religion writer William Wan Tuesday.

So some Lutheran church gets some Fed funds to run a meals-for-the-homeless program, and in the alleged minds of the Obama-istas, the church should take down its crosses in "service areas"??


Billiam said...

Never in recent memory has a more anti-Christian group of government employees been assembled.

Amy said...

We fight them. Tell them to take their stupid legislation and put it where the sun don't shine.

It's all because Obama believes no charity exists save outside of government. He sees religion as a competitor, not an ally.

John Foust said...

Maybe we shouldn't be paying religious organizations to carry out these services, hmm?

Dad29 said...

Maybe not, John; I was not all that thrilled when GWB started the program.

However, there were lotsa religious-run programs going on long before the GWB initiative, and a lot of them were directly/indirectly Fed-funded.

Catholic Social Services (and Lutheran Social Services) are two examples.

It's possible to shut all of them down, but it would be a nightmare to transfer all the activities to strictly Gummint agencies.

Amy said...

Why not, John? What in the First Amendment prohibits this and, moreover, would the government provide better service for the same lower cost?

The answers are: Nothing and no.