Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obama Trying to Buy Love, Give "Self-Esteem"

"Self-esteem" money.

There's no other way to describe this 'Spend MORE!!' move.

President Barack Obama will ask Congress on Tuesday for $1.35 billion to extend an education grant program for states, senior administration officials said.

That's on top of the $4.3Bn "Race To the Top" money already in Porkulus.

To make it worse, this is evidently for 'consolation prizes.'

Obama will ask lawmakers for another $1.35 billion so that states not chosen in either award round will have a chance to compete for money...

In other words, "If you weren't competitive the first time, we'll give you money anyway. Don't cry."

This is the 'self-esteem' theory writ large. $5.65Bn (total) large.

The Massachusetts returns can't come in fast enough.

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