Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama 'Disconnected', ("Investment"), and Feingold

Noonan has an interesting column.

We're at the first anniversary of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, and the slug, the word that captures its essence, is "Disconnect."

(Umnnnhhh, yah. Last night I watched Obama's announcement of aid to Haiti. He used the word "investment" to describe the US' $100 million++ expenditure.

What the Hell? We're SPENDING the MONEY (and we ought to, if that's what it takes,) not "investing" the money. If we were "investing," turkey, we'd be buying the damn country.

Just say it with us, Mr. Obama: "The United States will SPEND $100 million on relief efforts in Haiti.")

Back to Noonan.

...There is a disconnect, a detachment, a distance between the president's preoccupations and the concerns of the people. There's a disconnect between his policy proposals and the people's sense, as expressed in polls, of what the immediate problems are.

...Yet—and this is the key part—the president does not seem to see or hear. He does not respond. He is not supple, able to hear reservations and see opposition and change tack. He has a grim determination to bull this thing through. He negotiates each day with Congress, not with the people.

Remind you of anyone? Like, for example, the Supercilious, Arrogant, and Condescending Senator from Wisconsin named Rusty? The guy who runs around Wisconsin telling people that he 'doesn't like' stuff in ObamaCare--but votes FOR it, anyway? Sure, Rusty. Sure.

Noonan thinks there are implications, too.

The disconnect harms him politically, but more important it suggests a deepening gulf between the people and their government, which only adds to growling, chafing national discontent.

Oh, yah, there's discontent. And with ~20++% unemployment, it's going to get worse.

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