Friday, January 08, 2010

Manipulate, Manage, and Run: Feingold Part Two

The Appleton meeting produced another typical Feingold 'flip' remark.

Actually it was a 'flip-you-off' remark...

When a question was raised about the solvency of the “Social Security Trust Fund,” Feingold opined that the situation “can be solved fairly easily.” 1) Increase the maximum on which FICA taxes apply and 2) increase the retirement age because Americans are living longer.

...Feingold also threw out the example of perhaps an age 70 retirement minimum. He then qualified that by saying he works by moving his jaw (get it? – he talks for a living…) – so he could see himself working until he’s 70. But that might not apply to backbreaking jobs like farming and bricklaying. And I suppose ultimately he might add policing and firefighting to the list and heaven knows what else.

Nice move, Rusty. You assume, you condescending jerk, that 60-year-olds are able to FIND employment, backbreaking or not, and that such work will have a paygrade which at least maintains a lifestyle.

...Like being a gasbag US Senator?--whose retirement is NOT funded by Social Security, but by the Exclusive-to-Congress-Club benefit package.

Get a little further out of touch, Rusty. It's a great year for that.

HT: Jo Egelhoff

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Braxton Hicks said...

After watching the video, I'm, sadly, left with the perception that Sen. Feingold believes that he is the most honorable, forthright and smartest person in the room. He is for his constituents but, really, they have no idea what they are talking about. He "has been there", "seen it" and is known as a "Deficit Hawk."
And "you really don't want term limits!"

I have nothing but utter contempt for Senator Feingold.