Sunday, January 03, 2010

A Little Race War From the Past

It wasn't really a war, but it was a loud tiff.

Gurda has the story here. In brief, the Poles weren't real happy about German, German, German Bishops in Milwaukee.

Related: St. Anthony's on 9th/Mitchell is only 4 block from St Stan's, 5th/Mitchell. Why so close? Because the Poles went to St Stan's and the Krauts went to St Anthony's. Of COURSE there was a need for 2 large churches only 4 blocks apart, right?

By the way, the Polish population of Green Bay (as a percentage of the whole) exceeds that of Milwaukee. So what did the Green Bay Diocese have?

German Bishops, of course....

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Dave said...

My family was part of the fallout...great-grandfather Glowacki helped found Holy Name PNCC...