Friday, January 08, 2010

The Ideologue Holder Should Resign

For a moment, let's pass by the security screening problems; these things happen. Granted, KnickerBomber was a large screwup; but he's only one of hundreds. The next one might not be so clearly a risk.

Instead, let's go to Eric Holder, Ideologue.

The Examiner cites Andy McCarthy, a former US prosecutor.

Abdulmutallab was an untapped well of operational intelligence.

He’d been training with al-Qaeda for weeks in Yemen, now one of the hottest hubs of terror plotting. He was undoubtedly in a position to identify who had recruited him, who had dispatched him on his mission, and who had trained him in fashioning and detonating chemical explosives. He was in a position to tell us what al-Qaeda knows, that Janet Napolitano apparently doesn’t, about our porous airline-security system. He was, moreover, almost certainly in a position to pinpoint paramilitary training facilities, to tell us about other al-Qaeda trainees being taught to do what he was trying to do, and to fill many gaps in our knowledge of the terror network’s hierarchy, routines, and governmental connections in Yemen.

That was not to be. The Obama administration decided that forging ahead pell-mell with a criminal prosecution was more important than acquiring every morsel of useful information Abdulmutallab has to give. That meant telling him, immediately upon arrest, that he didn’t need to speak to the government at all if he didn’t want to. It meant promising to get him a lawyer. It meant he could only be questioned for a few hours — by agents who happened to be on the scene but probably didn’t know much about al-Qaeda’s Yemeni operation. It meant the assignment of a defense lawyer and required court appearances that instantly shut down all questioning.

In the long run, this horrific error in judgment--applying the Holder/Obama ideology of "criminal prosecution" to unlawful combatants/terrorists--will be far more destructive to the safety and security of US citizens than any breach of security.

Security breaches can and do happen on occasion. But suicidal ideologies are permanent.

Holder should resign for this monumentally stupid prosecution.

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Neo-Con Tastic said...

This will continue with Holder or anyone else for that matter. As long as Obama is in office, our people are NOT safe.