Friday, January 15, 2010


A friend passed along a note from a woman who was there as part of a charitable project.


...Please continue to pray for the Haitians. We set up a "mini clinic" in the front yard of the family we are staying with and have spent yesterday and today taking care of wounded Haitians who come to the gate. By wounds I mean things that would be taken care of in an operating room in the USA but we are doing the best we can. The people are SO grateful because they have no other options. Everyone has had part of a building fall on them in some way. In spite of having missing relatives and losing their homes, they are still serene and happy. You can hear singing in the evenings coming from several local churches praising God in the midst of this tragedy. Today there was a funeral for one of the school children in the village where we worked the past week. She was the little girl we brought up to the hospital the night of the quake and because of her, we were alerted to the grave need of the aid we were able to give to so many people 2 nights ago in the local hospital.

A very effective channel for donations is Catholic Relief Services. Even more effective is prayer.

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