Monday, January 18, 2010

Federal Computers "Last Century", Part Two

A few days ago, the whine from Obama's boy Orszag was that Federal computers were 'last century.'

Actually, a LOT of taxpayer-purchased computers are lost, stolen, and/or incorrectly inventoried.

The Indian Health Service, a government-run health agency for native Americans and Alaskan natives, has lost or had stolen millions of dollars worth of equipment over the last several years,

A June 2008 GAO report concluded that mismanagement of the IHS allowed $15.8 million worth of equipment to be lost or stolen, and a June 2009 report said over a million dollars worth of IT equipment was lost, stolen, or unaccounted for.

So, Mr. Orszag, go find them. Stop your crying and whining, and womanizing, too.

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