Sunday, January 03, 2010

The (D) Abortion Dilemma

Kissling and Michelman, hard-core pro-aborts, laid it out in for the (D) boyzzz back in November of last year.

Many women -- ourselves included -- warned the Democratic Party in 2004 that it was a mistake to build a Congressional majority by recruiting and electing candidates opposed to the party’s commitment to legal abortion and to public financing for the procedure. Instead, the lust for power yielded to misguided, self-serving poll analysis by operatives with no experience in the fight for these principles. They mistakenly believed that giving leadership roles to a small minority of anti-abortion Democrats would solve the party’s image problems with “values voters” and answer critics who claimed Democrats were hostile to religion.

Which is true--if and only if abortion is an evil. It is, of course--and now the (D) folk have a dilemma. How to solve the problem of Stupak? Or even of HRC--the 'safe, legal, rare' candidate?

Now, then: shall the (D) Party, Reid and Pelosi, take up the bloody mantle once again?

You'll know shortly.

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