Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Charge? or Not to Charge?

Here's a dilemma for you.

On Monday afternoon, Plummer, 37, and several relatives went to an apartment in the 1900 block of Cameron Drive to take Plummer’s 18-year-old daughter away from an unwelcome and unnamed 18-year-old boyfriend, according to a statement prepared by Madison police officer Mike Hanson.

Armed, Plummer and the relatives forced their way into the apartment and took Plummer’s daughter away with them.

Plummer was later arrested while bowling for being a party to burglary while armed, false imprisonment and domestic disorderly conduct while armed.

Neither the boyfriend nor the unnamed daughter, who is now living elsewhere, were harmed.


Burglary? Domestic Disorderly Conduct? False Imprisonment?

Gracious. Mom didn't hurt anyone, according to the report. Daughter and ex-pal are just fine. There MAY have been some property damage--but that's not being charged.

It's no longer legal to........ah......emphatically underline who may/may not see daughter?

It's Dane County, so mom will likely be tried; it's also possible that she'll draw 5-10 of hard time.

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Deekaman said...

I wouldn't charge her and if on the jury, I'd make sure it was hung.

That said, this isn't worth more than a fine.