Monday, January 04, 2010

Bob Bennett: Target for Conservatives

Eric has raised the black flag on Sen. Bennett of Utah.

Trust me, the people who treat pro-lifers with the most distain are not pro-choice leftists, but leadership Republicans who want their money and vote, but otherwise wish they’d shut the heck up.

And that situation is going to continue until conservatives decide to take a Republican scalp in a GOP primary.

Allow me to recommend Bob Bennett (R-UT). In fact, if conservatives really do want to be taken seriously by the GOP and not be seen as just puppets for leadership, defeating Bob Bennett should be the number one agenda item of every conservative in the United States of America,

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Anonymous said...

"Bennett is the eighth most liberal Republican Senator and he is from the most conservative state in the nation. There is no reason for Bennett to still be in office."

I see, another "RINO" who should be removed. Moderates won't take kindly to them fighting words. We shall see if the voters in Utah share Eric's sentiments.

Maybe the "true" conservatives should break away from the Republican Party and form their own group. Good luck.