Monday, January 04, 2010

Benedict XVI on The Environment

Spent a bit of time yesterday with another blogger who griped a bit about B-16's January 1st address regarding environmental matters.

Not too surprising: the blogger heard (or read) an Al-Reuters recap.

What he REALLY said? Find it on CNS.

The pope also spoke about personal responsibility Jan. 1 when he was commenting on the theme he chose for World Peace Day 2010: "If You Want to Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation."

The resources of the earth must be used with justice and wisdom, he said during his Angelus address Jan. 1.

"I want to underline the importance that the choices of individuals, families and local administrations have in protecting the environment," he said.

In educating people to respect creation, the pope said, they must be helped to recognize that the human beings God created in his own image and likeness require special respect and protection.

"If we must take care of the creatures around us, how much more care must we have for people -- our brothers and sisters," he said. "On the first day of the year, I want to appeal to the consciences of those who are part of any kind of armed group. To each and every one I say: Stop, reflect and abandon the path of violence."

Unexceptionable, to say the least.


Amy said...

Yeah, but it's so much better to co-opt the Holy Father when what he says can be twisted to fit the environmentalist agenda.

Listening to him on things like sexual morality, on the other hand? Not necessary...

Al said...

& even some of the Catholic media has twisted it to say something different than what he really did.